Summer Library Program


Reading over the summer is very important for youth and is a great family time activity. Our summer library program is free and open to the public. 

The 2020 Summer Library theme is "Imagine Your Story" and will look a little different than our past summer programs due to the current COVID-19 situation. This year's program will be reading logs only, as we cannot safely host large group gatherings due to recommended guidelines from the CDC. 

To participate in our summer program, complete the online registration form below, and submit it to the library.  Once you are registered, you can track your reading two ways, either through printable reading logs or our new Reader Zone app.

To track reading through printable logs, scroll down, and select level one to start. Print out the reading log and cross off one picture for each ten (10) minutes read. Once you fill a reading log, return it to the library to receive your reading incentive.

To track reading through the Reader Zone app, start by installing the app on your device. Once installed join the reading program by using the code: 02c9d.  Select your group (dependent readers or independent readers), track your reading times, and then visit the library to show us when you've reached your milestones and receive your incentives. 

To complete each level, you must read or be read to for 100 minutes. Incentives are awarded at each level, so make sure to collect each one!

Important Notice: The library is currently re-opening to the public on a phased reopening plan. Depending on where we are in our phased reopening, we may need to set appointments for picking up/turning in reading logs and receiving incentives. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through how to provide summer reading opportunities in a much different way than previous years. 


Online Registration Form



Reading Logs and Levels


Now that you've registered, click the links below to access printable reading logs to track your minutes. Once you have the log filled up, return it to the library to pick up your level brag tag to show off all of your hard work! Each level has a different tag so make sure to keep on reading to collect them all!


Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5


Level 6


Level 7


Level 8


Level 9


Level 10






Online Tracking with Reader Zone




To use Reader Zone:

  1. Download the app on your device or visit on your home computer and use code on the left to join our summer library program. 
  2. Enter your information. Parents must create an account to register their children under the age of 13.
  3. Select the most appropriate reader group, either dependent or independent reader.
  4. Start reading and tracking your minutes on the app or website.
  5. Bring your device or printed logs to the library to receive your incentives for each level. 
  6.  Have fun and Imagine Your Story!