Library Policies

The library board has established these policies to govern the library. These policies serve as a blueprint for effective library operation, underscore the library's service philosophy and ensure that customers receive consistent service.  The policies are reviewed regularly to help guarantee that they remain timely.  Click on the links below to read specific policies.

Unattended Children, from Patron Conduct Policy
The Ida Grove Public Library welcomes children to use our services and facilities and we provide adult supervision during Wednesday Early Out programs and during special programming as advertised. Parents and caregivers are responsible for the welfare and behavior of their minor children (under 18) while in the Library or on Library grounds, regardless of whether or not they accompany their children.  The Ida Grove Public Library assumes no responsibility for unattended children. Unattended minors who do not abide by library rules and policies, or who exhibit unacceptable behavior, will be asked to leave, and/or call their parents for a ride home. If unable to reach their parents, or if a ride is unavailable, the children may be considered abandoned and the local sheriff's department or Child Protective Services may be called. There is no adult supervision outdoors at any time.


Circulation Policy
Computer and Technology Use Policy
Heritage Room Policy
Interlibrary Loan Policy
Material Selection and Collection Management Policy
Patron Conduct Policy
Proctor Policy
Request for Reconsideration Policy, Library Materials
Sex Offenders Against Minors Policy