Proctoring Service

To meet the needs of students and institutions of higher learning, the Ida Grove Public Library agrees to cooperate with patrons and institutions to support their lifelong learning goals by offering proctoring services during the library's open hours. This free service is available based on the availability of personnel, facilities, and technology. The student is responsible for contacting the school and library to schedule services. Please call well ahead of your scheduled test date and provide us with the date of your test and to verify that your test has arrived. Call 712-364-2306 to make arrangements. Tests and test instructions may be emailed to

Good to Know:

  • Arrangements for proctoring services must be made at least one week in advance.
  • Students must show a picture ID before receiving the exam.
  • All exams will be arranged to end no less than 30 minutes before the closing of the library.
  • Limited staffing prevents the library from continually monitoring the student during the test. The Ida Grove Public Library will not proctor an exam for which constant supervision is required.
  • It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the computer resources and facilities are adequate and meet the testing requirements.
  • Library staff cannot make changes to the public computer settings. The library does not allow the installation of any special software that may be needed to complete the exam on a library computer.
  • The student is responsible for the cost of any mailing, printing, photocopying, or faxing associated with the exam.
  • Copies of completed exams are not retained and the library is not responsible for web site or email malfunctions, completed examinations that have gone astray due to postal delays, fax problems, etc.
  • The library cannot provide proctoring for groups of students.

Read our full Proctor Policy.